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What recreational cannabis legalization means for Humber

Frequentlly Asked Questions (FAQs) - Staff


Can employees smoke recreational cannabis on campus/while at work?

No, employees are prohibited from smoking recreational cannabis on campus/while at work. Ontario currently has strict rules in place to make sure workplaces are safe. Employees and workers who are unable or unfit to work safely could be a hazard to themselves or to others in the workplace. All employees have a duty to perform work safely and to report any hazards to their supervisor or employer under the Ontario Health and Safety Act.

As part of the Humber smoking policy, smoking of any kind is prohibited in any enclosed public space or enclosed workplace on campus. This includes all on- or off-campus college property including grounds, buildings, structures and facilities which are owned or leased, or used under Humber’s direction including any vehicles, the University of Guelph-Humber and student residences. In addition, smoking of any kind is prohibited in the Arboretum

Though legalization of recreational cannabis is taking place in October, growing, baking, smoking or selling cannabis on Humber property as defined above is strictly prohibited. As is currently the case, disruptive behaviour will not be permitted on campus.


What if an employee has a medical condition and requires use of cannabis while at work?

Employees are required to inform Humber’s Senior Abilities and Accommodation Specialist, Health and Safety Services; which is part of Human Resources Services. They will work with employees and their manager to develop an appropriate accommodation plan, depending on the employee and Humber’s needs. Humber also needs to be informed if you are a medical cannabis user, even if you do not use cannabis at work, if there is a risk of impairment during working hours. You are responsible for speaking with your doctor to assess whether there is a possibility of impairment during working hours, which would require disclosure.


Can employees consume/ingest recreational cannabis in the workplace?

Consuming recreational cannabis in the workplace is illegal and will continue to be after legalization on October 17, 2018. Employees and workers who are unable or unfit to work safely could be a hazard to themselves or to others in the workplace. All employees have a duty to perform work safely and to report any hazards to their supervisor or employer under the Ontario Health and Safety Act.


Can employees consume or smoke recreational cannabis at home and then go to work?

While consumption/smoking of cannabis is permitted in private homes, employees are expected to be fit for work upon reporting to work. Cannabis, like alcohol, can impair a person, making it unsafe and/or illegal to operate a motor vehicle. It’s important to know the facts about what counts as impaired driving – and the penalties you could face for it – before you get behind the wheel. For more information visit and 

What do I do if I think a Humber employee is unable to perform their job as a result of consuming recreational cannabis?

If you suspect that another staff member is impaired during working hours, whether due to alcohol, cannabis or any other substance, you should tell the individual to stop working, and report it to your Manager immediately.


What do I do if I see someone on campus displaying disruptive behaviour that I think is the result of consuming recreational cannabis?

Contact the Department of Public Safety at 416-675-6622,8500 or 416-675-8500 for assistance. If you deem the situation to be an emergency, call 416-675-6622,4000.


Why can I smoke tobacco and not recreational cannabis outdoors on campus? 

Although provincial legislation permits the smoking of recreational cannabis in public places, Humber has the right to prohibit it on our own property. Given our plans to implement a fully smoke free working and learning environment for students, staff and faculty by January 1, 2019, we are prohibiting the smoking of cannabis on campus. 


If I am at a work event, can I use cannabis?

No.  Cannabis can cause impairment, and it is not appropriate to use cannabis during a work event.


What do I do if I have or develop a problem with cannabis?

Check out these resources:

  • Go to the Government of Canada website to get the facts about cannabis.
  • ConnexOntario, Drug and Alcohol Helpline
    • Provides free, confidential and anonymous information services about drug and alcohol addiction services in Ontario, by phone, email or web chat, 24/7/365. Toll-Free: 1-800-565-8603
  • You may also wish to speak with Human Resources, Senior Abilities and Accommodation Specialist or your Manager if you require assistance or any workplace accommodations in dealing with addiction or dependence.

Other Resources:  Student Life - Know the Law in Ontario - Pot Facts and Student FAQs