Senior Dean of Liberal Education and Flexible Learning

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Reporting to the Senior Vice President, Academic, the Senior Dean of Liberal Education and Flexible Learning is a key leader in Humber College’s new organizational structure that reemphasizes the College’s commitment to the transformative power of polytechnic education. Liberal education creates opportunities for a breadth of teaching and learning experiences, which are essential components in the Colleges’ 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. The Senior Dean will collaborate with other educational leaders within the college on curriculum design, particularly focusing on ensuring that liberal education is integrated into the multi-disciplinary learning experience that every Humber student is offered. The Senior Dean will be a champion for using technology to expand learning accessibility and push for a more flexible delivery of curriculum and courses to a wider variety of diverse students. As a strategic leader within the College, the Senior Dean will promote innovation, long-term planning, internal and external partnership development and collaboration to foster the success of Humber College and the education of thoughtful, ethical, diverse, inclusive, critical thinkers and global citizens.


As the ideal candidate, you have a history of working in collaborative, multi-disciplinary environments, and you have effective and creative ways to further develop multi-disciplinary approaches to teaching and learning. You are a champion for the strategic use of technology to enhance learning, improve the flexible delivery of college courses, and expand access to post-secondary education. You are a skilled relationship builder who finds innovative ways to connect seemingly-disconnected disciplines, ideas, and individuals in order to advance and promote the College’s success. You know how to advance a culture of coordinated efforts and how to skillfully encourage teamwork among historically-divided groups. The ideal Senior Dean is a believer in the importance of a liberal education and has new ideas about how to integrate liberal education throughout an institution like Humber, advancing ideas like ethics, morality, global citizenship, and inclusion in every appropriate course. You challenge conventional academic concepts and boldly look for new ways to add value to the student learning experience at the College.

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Senior Vice President, Academic

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Humber North Campus


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