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Employee Health & Safety Training - Supervisor Training

As part of our Health and Safety Program and in compliance with legislated requirements, all Humber employees are required to attend health and safety training, including training on workplace violence and harassment.

Supervisor Session (Full-Day)

This training session is intended to familiarize Humber managers, supervisors, and faculty who manage or supervise employees or students with their rights and responsibilities for workplace health and safety. Topics covered will include:

  • Health and Safety at Humber
  • Managing Health and Safety
  • Occupational Health and Safety Legislation
  • Emergency Response and Reporting
  • Your Duties and Responsibilities
  • Humber JOHSC
  • Due Diligence in the Workplace
  • Overview of Workplace Hazards
  • Preventing Workplace Violence and Harassment
  • Health and Safety Resources

Guidelines for Classifying Employees as a Supervisor

The Act defines a supervisor as a person who has charge of a workplace or authority over a worker.

Examples of Charge and Authority:

  • Ability to: hire, fire, exercise discipline, give awards or bonuses, approve vacation time, promote or demote, place tenders
  • Controlling: rate of pay, what equipment can be rented
  • Deciding: hours of work, make-up of work crew, buying equipment.
  • Meeting with workers to: go over job details, review safety issue

Supervisor may include: lead hand, lab technologist, work study 'supervisor' in a higher risk environment (a standard office environment is not considered higher risk). Faculty employees or Support staff who 'supervise' students in an industrial/chemical/biological lab should be considered a 'supervisor' for this training. We want to extend our duty of care to our students and ensure that employees have thorough and appropriate training.

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