AODA Committee

Committee Member Responsibilities

  1. Members will identify barriers that will be removed or modified for people with disabilities
  2. Members will identify regulations, policies, programs, practices, and services that cause, or may cause, barriers to persons with disabilities and recommend alternatives
  3. Members will provide input and feedback on the development of AODA (2005) policies and the multi-year accessibility plan to effectively address and meet the requirements identified in the AODA (2005) Standards. This may include the forming of working groups or any other format that will be deemed effective.
  4. Members will inquire into the status of members’ assigned tasks during Committee Meetings
  5. Members are required to inform their departments, schools and Union about the information shared within the Committee Meetings and vice versa.
  6. If a member has been identified as required to follow up on an action item(s) then the member must be prepared to do so in the next scheduled meeting.
  7. Members will participate ongoing consultative forums (e.g. Humber department and school meetings, AOC, town hall) to share work completed to date with regards to the removal of barriers at Humber and to solicit feedback on barriers to accessibility for persons with disabilities at Humber. This feedback may be analyzed by the Human Rights Manager and incorporated into the annual and multi-year accessibility plan at Humber.
  8. Members are obligated to attend the scheduled meetings.If a member is unable to attend a committee meeting, they are required to inform the Human Rights Manager at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. 
  9. Members who are unable to fully commit to the five meetings per annum are required to indicate their withdrawal to the Human Rights Manager.
  10. Members must be available for continuous education on disability related access issues and any awareness training pertaining to disability issues.
  11. Members must be prepared to occasionally sit on AODA working groups.
  12. Members are expected to attend AODA College information forums to represent the Committee.