STAR! Special Thanks and Recognition

Humber STAR logoHumber has a new informal recognition program - STAR! (Special Thanks and Recognition). You can access our STAR! website at any time by clicking on the following link.


For more information on how to access use the STAR! website, please view the reference guides and/or frequently asked questions (FAQ) below.   Please send your questions and comments to

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does STAR! stand for ?

Special Thanks and Recognition

2. Choosing your STAR Password

The STAR program is a third-party application that uses your Humber Single Sign-on (SSO) username as your Login ID but requires you to create a unique password in order to access it. We strongly recommended that as a best practice to you do not use your Single Sign-on (SSO) password for this application. 


If you have previously logged into this application, simply login with your unique STAR application password, or if this is your first time logging in to the application or you have simply forgotten your STAR application password, use the Forgot your password? option located on the STAR Login page. This option will send you a temporary password directly to your Humber email address within minutes.

3. How do I navigate the website ?

There are four tabs on the website:  Give, Programs, Toolbox and My Account.  Please note that only managers have access to the Toolbox page.


  • When you start to type a colleague’s name in the “Whom would you like to recognize today?” box, the system will search and provide you with recommended names. 
  • Click on the “Recognition Type” dropdown box and select “ecard”.
  • You will be provided with literally hundreds of different ecards that you can preview and choose from.
  • Select an appropriate ecard, you will have the option to attach it to one of Humber’s corporate values and write a message to be included in the ecard.  You have the option to have a copy of the ecard sent to you and be notified when the ecard has been viewed.  A copy of the ecard will be sent to the recipient’s manager.  You can also send the ecard at a later date.


  • Humber has one social recognition program available through OC Tanner (the company that administers the program on our behalf).  You can learn more about the STAR! program, by clicking on “Learn more about STAR!”
  • You can also access “FAQ” on the Programs page.


  • This page is only available to managers and provides information on the types of recognition their employees are receiving, as well as recognition tips.


The “My Account” pages include:  Overview, History, My Profile, and Mobile Devices.


  • On the” Overview” page, you can upload your photo, see a snapshot of all your activity and your profile summary.


  • The “History” page  provides a record of all the Appreciation given and received.

Skills Finder

  • Skills Finder™ helps employees see their strengths through the eyes of their peers and leaders. The system captures key words or terms used in an employee’s recognition entered in the “description of achievement.” Attributes such as “innovative”, “hard-working”, “detailed-oriented”, and so on are identified. The skills dictionary contains over 24 parent terms and 270 sub-terms, and once captured, the terms will be listed and ranked in that individual’s profile.

My Profile

  • On the “My Profile” page you can enter, view and edit your account information and personal details.

Mobile Devices

  • Use the “Mobile Devices” page to access the pairing code you will need to enable the “Great Work” mobile app available on Android, Blackberry and IOS. 

4. How do I send an ecard ?

Please refer to the question, How do I navigate the website?

5. Can I send an ecard to more than one person ?

Yes.  You can add more recipients by continuing to select “Whom would you like to recognize today?” on the “Give” page.

6. What is the “Wall of Fame” ?

The Wall of Fame (located on the “Give” page) posts real-time listing of all employee recognition.  Employees have the option to set their recognition sharing (located in “My Account”) so recognition they receive does not appear on the Wall of Fame.  See the question #3.

7. I do not want my recognition to show on the Wall of Fame. What setting do I use to change this ?

Employees have the option to set their recognition sharing (located in “My Account”) so it does not appear on the Wall of Fame.

8. Is there a mobile app ?

Yes.  It is called “Great Work” and you can download it free from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Blackberry App World. After you download the App on your mobile device, log in to your account on the website and obtain your pairing code through the “My Account” tab by selecting “Mobile Devices”.

9. How do I upload my picture ?

Click on “My Account” and select “Overview” you can upload your photo here.  Please note that images should be at least 200 x 200 pixels.  Image files should be no larger than 1MB.

10. Can I edit my name ?

Yes.  You can edit your name in the “My Profile” page.

11. How do I change my password ?

You can change your password in the “My Profile” page.


12. Who sees the recognition that I receive?

You and your manager will see the recognition that you receive.  Recognition will also appear on the Wall of Fame unless you opt out (see Question #6).

13. Where can I review the recognition I have given and received ?

You can see the recognition that you have given and received on the “My Account” page.

14. Are there any resources available to managers ?

Yes.  Please refer to the question #2:  How do I navigate the website?  Specifically, the “Toolbox” page.

15. What is the “Toolbox” feature available to managers ?

Please refer to the question #3:  How do I navigate the website?  Specifically, the “Toolbox” page.


17. Are all full- and non-full time employees included in this program ?

This STAR program is set up for Full Time permanent employee (FTE) access mainly due to the fact that non full time employees change status and job assignments frequently.


Our data file is updated monthly with our provider. 

19. My colleague’s name does not appear in the program.

Your colleague’s name may not appear due to the fact that their status with the college is not full time permanent (FTE) and this STAR program was set up for full time permanent employee access.


This program was set up for Full Time permanent (FTE) access mainly due to the fact that non full time employees change status and job assignments frequently. 


If they are full time permanent employees, please email with the details and we will address this right away with the provider.

21. What do I do if my manager’s name is incorrect ?

Please contact the system administrator at

22. I am getting too many emails from this program in my inbox. Is there a way to manage this ?

Yes.  You can use the “Rules” feature of Outlook to have emails managed.

23. What are some best practices/hints for effective recognition ?

Research has proven when people are appreciated and recognized for their great work, they become more loyal, committed and engaged. See for yourself. Try out the following appreciation best practices. Value the difference people make day in, day out and year-to-year and you'll see immediate results. Whether you notice your peers' everyday efforts, reward the results of those who go above and beyond, or celebrate specific career milestones, it's important to keep these tips in mind:

    Research shows that employees want some form of recognition every seven days.
    Taking the time to write a note of thanks has lasting impact.
    Hold the appreciation moment as close to the event that you're recognizing as possible. If the recognition is not timely, the appreciation starts to lose its value.
    General praise is rarely motivating. Spell it out by telling them precisely what they did to earn your appreciation and why. Go into detail of the great work that's been done. Describe how your team and even the organization benefits from their specific contributions.
    Carry around a list of your team members. After any conversation, write down information that is significant about each person. Over time, you'll create a "crib sheet" with key information for every individual. When recognizing team members, you'll be able to add a personal anecdote or story to make presentations particularly powerful.
    Highlight attributes that demonstrate the difference the person has made. Storytelling is a powerful way to illustrate how they live the company's values.
    Get co-workers and senior leaders to participate in the recognition.
    Once the celebration is over, you want the impact of the experience to live on. Record the event, giving the employee a keepsake to save and share with family and friends. During the presentation itself, present a keepsake certificate and award to serve as a valuable reminder of the day.

If you require any information on our website or any of the information that our department distributes in an alternate format, please contact:  HR Organizational Effectiveness at