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Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the new HR Support Centre about?

The HR Support Centre will be a new service available to all employees to provide immediate access to HR services and advice on all things HR. Through this service we will transition away from our current contact methods, such as; walk-ins, direct call or email to individual HR Professionals and front desk visits. With our new HR Support Centre, you will have a single point of contact, which will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2 How will I contact the HR Support Centre?

There are three ways to connect with our HR Support Centre.

  1. Call us at ext.5001 from a Humber phone line or dial 416.675.5001
  2. Chat with us at
  3. Employees can submit an e-form at

3 Why is HROE implementing this new HR Support Centre?

The Human Resource & Organizational Effectiveness (HROE) team is creating a seamless and efficient way to provide you with timely & up to date HR related information and best in class service. The HR Support Centre will be able to provide timely responses and information whenever an employee contacts the Centre. This service will also support employees and managers with HRMS direct access functionality by providing a place where routine questions can be answered quickly.

4 How will the new HR Support Centre work?

The HR Support Centre will be made up of Support Analysts; HR Professionals & subject matter experts; and HR System Business Analysts who will work together to provide you the level of support you require. You will no longer have to contact different HR personnel to get support for different HR related inquiries. 

5 Will I have to go through the HR Support Centre for every inquiry, including follow-ups to my previous inquiries?

No. You will continue to get support for the following areas: recruitment, training, organization reviews, employee relations issues, compensation reviews, etc. through your regular points of contact, such as Human Resources Business Partners (HRBPs). Furthermore, there is no need to go through the HR Support Centre to follow-up on your pervious inquiries where the support has already been initiated and is in progress. Additionally, HR related activities that occur annually or cyclical which HRBPs would typically support you with, will continue as usual, without the need to go through the HR Support Centre.

6 To ensure that my inquiry is handled quickly and confidentiality is maintained, can I use multiple contact channels?

The HR Support Centre will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible. In order to ensure a timely and accurate response, it is unnecessary to send your inquiries via multiple channels. This may result in delay to our support response time. All inquiries will be treated as important; however, inquiries that will take the highest priority are inquiries related to (i) pay inaccuracy (ii) reporting a critical injury/workplace injury, (iii) significant labour action such as work stoppage or illegal strike, or, (iv) Human Rights related issues. In order to maintain your privacy, our Support Centre will follow strict guidelines and only ask you questions which are needed to respond to your inquiry. In addition, all employees in HR and the Support Centre are bound by the same non- disclosure rules and regulations around employee information that we follow currently . Employees are not obligated to supply any information they do not wish to. No questions of a personal and sensitive nature will be asked during your initial contact with our HR Support Centre. Please note that if your general inquiry requires further support that may involved more personalized information, a specialized subject matter expert member of our team will follow-up with you within 2 business days for additional information.  

7 When I call the HR Support Centre, what information will I be expected to provide?

Once an employee contacts the HR Support Centre, the HR Support Analyst will ask for the following information:

  •  Details of your inquiry
  •  Your name
  • Your employee type - (Full-Time, Part-Time, etc.)
  • Your work location (campus, faculty, department)
  • Details that allow the Analyst to classify the inquiry (e.g. HRMS, Labour relations, payroll, etc.)

This information will be used to assist you with your inquiry or redirect you if the analyst is unable to provide you with support during initial contact. For example, if an inquiry is related to an incident at work that requires campus security’s assistance, the Analyst will redirect your call to them. Otherwise, the expectation is that over time, this first point of contact should resolve most inquiries immediately.  

8 How quickly will I get a response to my inquiry?

When you contact the HR Support Centre, the HR Support Analyst will either respond immediately to your inquiry, redirect you as needed or they may need to open a ticket on your behalf which will require further investigation by other members of our team. If a ticket is created for you, our team will assess it and follow-up with you within two (2) business days to provide you with a resolution or contact you for additional information.

Please note, the timeframe to resolve the inquiry is dependent on the complexity of the inquiry. 

9 What happens if my urgent matters are not responded to in a timely manner?

Every ticket opened via the HR Support Centre is reviewed twice daily by a Queue Manager who will ensure that inquiries are being addressed and responded to appropriately. You will recall that high priority matters as detailed in question # 6 above will take priority. Urgent matters such as: health and safety, human rights and labour relations matters would be redirected to these HR departments directly, and not go through the HR Support Centre. 

10 What kinds of questions will the HR Support Centre be able to answer?

The Support Centre analysts have been fully trained on all aspects of HRMS functionality including employee and manager direct access, plus other common HRMS modules. Any questions related to HRMS will be best answered through the Support Centre. In addition, the Support Centre will also be able to answer routine and typical HR general inquiries, such as: recruitment questions from potential or interested candidates; employee questions about benefit coverage, etc. Any routine questions that are not unique to an individual employee should be addressed by this first point of contact. 

11 What if the inquiry is confidential?

We will not ask the employee to disclose confidential information to the HR Support Centre Analyst. To assure this, our analysts are trained to ask specific questions to assess the level of confidentiality and connect you with the right person to address your concerns.

Updated: Aug 1, 2019