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Benefits & Salaries

Benefits & Salaries
T4/T4A information and reprint Employee’s surname A-F, X,Y,Z
Mariella Karakehayova
HR/Payroll Coordinator
416.675.6622 ext. 4864

Employee’s surname G-M
Wendy Wei
HR/Payroll Coordinator
416.675.6622 ext. 4042

Employee’s surname N-W
Victoria Storozhko
HR/Payroll Coordinator
416.675.6622 ext. 4147
Address and Banking changes
Records of Employment for EI purposes
Tax information and forms
Paystub information
Pay for contracts or additional payment
The Time Management software
Brenda Spottiswood
HR/Payroll Coordinator
416.675.6622 ext. 4330

Valerie Bardy
Payroll Manager
416.675.6622 ext. 4223
Receiving a pay stub without getting a deposit in your bank account.
Changing a personal exemption amount.
CPP exemption after 65
Paying over time, holidays, contracts, step increases, retro pay etc.

Sherry Fast
Compensation and Benefits Specialist
416.675.6622 ext. 5089

Learning which full-time benefits you have

Hannah Song
Compensation and Benefits Specialist
416.675.6622 ext. 4023

Naming beneficiaries
The addition and removal of dependents
Changing your full-time benefits
Estimates of compensation and pension

Sylvana Galati
Compensation and Benefits Specialist
416.675.6622 ext. 5682

The retirement process
Transferring service
Signing up for Partial Load Benefits

Nathan Tysdal
Compensation and Benefits Specialist
416.675.6622 ext. 4619

Bridging benefits during non-employment periods
Naming beneficiaries
The addition and removal of dependents
Changing your partial load benefits
Time & Attendance (vacation, sick days, etc)
Part-time contracts for academics, administration and support staff

Denise Giacomelli
HR Coordinator
416.675.6622 ext. 4807

PPCS (Pending Contracts System) training
Entering part-time contracts for students

Sarah Butterwick
HR Coordinator
416.675.6622 ext. 4681

Part-time contracts for student workers and continuing education staff

Careers & Recruitment

Careers & Recruitment
For assistance with a job application, use our form to fastest service by our centralized team. Careers Contact Us Form
Recruitment of Administrative positions Elizabeth McPherson
Recruitment Coordinator
416.675.6622 ext. 5159
Recruitment of Faculty positions

Tanya Andrade
Recruitment Coordinator
416.675.6622 ext. 5088 

Recruitment of Support positions Onkar Chopra
Recruitment Coordinator
416.675.6622 ext. 4939

Nancey Adamson
Manager, Employee Engagement
416.675.6622 ext. 5540

The Humber Career Centre connects employers to students.  They host a job portal to full-time, part-time, summer, on-campus and volunteer positions. See
416.675.6622 ext. 4966 North
416.675.6622 ext. 3052 Lakeshore
416.675.5032 Orangeville  

Health & Safety

Health & Safety
Accident reporting and investigation

Margaret Fung
Manager, Health and Safety
416.675.6622 ext.5673 

Nancy Bryant
Health and Safety Coordinator
416.675.6622 ext.5021 

Humaira Pirooz
Health and Safety Coordinator
416.675.6622 ext.4866

Desta McCalla
Disability and Accommodation Specialist 
416.675.6622 ext.4237 





Office Ergonomics
WSIB claims and Return to Work
Student placement accident coverage (MTCU)
Workplace assessments
Hazardous materials
Hazardous waste disposal (including chemicals, biomedical, sharps, asbestos)

Health and Safety Training:

  • Managers and Supervisors
  • New Employees
  • Work Study Student Workers
  • Ergonomics
Education and promotion
Indoor air quality
Legislative compliance and program development
Workplace violence
And all other workplace health and safety issues

Human Rights, Equity & Diversity

Human Rights, Equity & Diversity
Registration for Human Rights Training or Speakers Series Workshops

Candice Warner-Barrow
Human Rights, Equity & Diversity Coordinator
416.675.6622 ext. 4808

Accessibility barriers
Human Rights, Equity & Diversity Advisor
416.675.6622 ext. 5685 
Accessing the Workplace Emergency Response Information Template
Custom designed Human Rights Training for my school or department

Nancy Simms
Director of the Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Diversity
416.675.6622 ext. 4425

Discrimination and harassment in the classroom or workplace
Employment Equity

Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness
Workshops and team development sessions to build team identity and strengthen team effectiveness

Dawn Bassant
Director, Organizational Effectiveness

Karen Ann Saxby (Sax)
Manager, Change & Improvement
416-675-6622 ext.5639

Elva Massey
Change Consultant
416.675.6622  ext. 4182

Nancey Adamson
Manager, Employee Engagement
416-675-6622 ext. 5540 

Julie Pellegrini
Manager, Training & Development
416.675.6622 ext. 3500

Maureen Martin-Edey
HR Training Coordinator
416.675.6622 ext. 4509

Individual learning and development plans through workshops, coaching and mentoring
Tuition Assistance Program
General training inquiries
Planning for the future
Developing strategies
Planning and building an organizational culture that supports performance
Attracting, developing and retaining top talent

Resources, toolkits, workshops, speakers and coaching regarding change

Staff Management

Staff Management
Recruiting new staff

Service Delivery Model 
/ Client Groups


Coaching and mentoring employees
Professional development opportunities
Employee resignation and/or retirement